Holiday Check In

How are you doing this time of year? If you need to vent, to have someone to talk to, or even just to share some happy news with - pound that reply button and let me know! I want to be that ear, that shoulder, that person to celebrate with you, because you're all...

No Dirty Secrets – Chapter One

Chapter One - Casper “Why does New York have to suck so bad?” I walk down the crowded street, wondering if anyone has heard of personal space. My iced coffee isn’t even iced anymore, and I have already started to sweat through the clothes I put on to face down one of...

No Perfect Love – Chapter One

Chapter One - Avery “I swear to all that is holy, if you don’t get your ass back up here, I’m gonna lose my shit.” The words come out before I can stop them, and the frozen look of terror on my nephew’s face says it all. “Aunt Avery!” Rett screeches the way only a...

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