So, I need to tell you all a story of trauma and car accidents, so if that is triggering for you, please know that it’s not an easy email to send.

Right after I sent the email you everyone asking about reading chapter 2 of No Dirty Secrets, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident with my 12 year old that had us both transported to the hospital and emergency surgeries.

THANKFULLY, my son was released after 5 days, and I was initially released after 9 days.

Unfortunately, I had complications that resulted in me being re-admitted to the hospital, which is where I’m at now… awaiting more surgery.

HOWEVER – none of that affects No Dirty Secrets because I have an amazing team behind me who have made sure that I didn’t drop the ball!!!!

No Dirty Secrets has gone out to review readers as of today. With the review copies, I sent a newsletter letting you amazing people know generally what had happened (the information above) and I cannot BELIEVE how many emails of support, prayers, and positive thoughts and well-wishes that we’ve received. 

Thank you, to every single reader out there. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have you all in my corner. 


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