Birch Harbor

Damaged Heroes

He says there can never be anything between us… but I still want him.

Devastation and devotion are two sides to the same coin, and Brian Miller flips the coin to my heart without even trying.

He thinks he’s not good enough—that I deserve better than a damaged single father.

But his demons can’t be any worse than the one stalking my every move in our small town—the one no one can bring to justice.

Despite the age difference between us, I’m not a little girl, and I know the truth. Brian will never forgive himself for not being there when I needed him most.

But he’s the only man who can rescue me now.

The only mistake I made was walking away instead of facing the man whose heart I broke.

I ran away from the life I wasn’t ready for, and in the process, lost everything I wanted.

I tried to move on and failed epically.

There’s no moving on from Jake Findlay.

Even if he thinks I have.

Now that I’m home, I’ve got to fight my own battles and prove that I’m all grown up.

Even if it means letting him in to break me all over again.

He’s a grumpy bad boy with a chip on his shoulder the size of the state.

He’s dark, broody, sexy as hell, and he knows it.

I shouldn’t want him so badly.

He barely knows I’m alive.

Until nature decides to throw us a curve ball.

Mother nature… Or fate.

Once the clothes come off and secrets are revealed…there’s no going back.

We both know we’re careening toward a disaster by falling into bed again.

But one taste wasn’t enough.

It’s more like an appetizer for a meal with an endless number of courses.

And I’m a starving woman.

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