No Second Chances Chapter One

No Second Chances Chapter One –
He thought the only way to save her was to leave. Instead, it ruined her.
I thought I would spend my life with Lincoln Hayes, but he tore my heart out and left me with nothing but silence. For years. And I swear that I tried to move on. But living in a small town means I’m constantly surrounded by the memories we made, and the future he threw away.
Now that he’s home, how Linc feels about me is clear in the way he watches me when no one else is paying attention. He’s there, in the shadows, refusing to get close or leave me alone.
Up until the moment I’m begging for his help, I never thought I’d need him.
But when the walls are down between us and there aren’t any more secrets that can keep us apart, we’re both forced to face the truth… ours isn’t a simple love story, and we don’t get a happily ever after.
Not unless we fight for it.
This is Linc & Kennedy’s story.
No Second Chances is a second chance teenage sweetheart romantic suspense with a happily ever after. Each book in the Birch Harbor: Coming Home series can be read as a stand-alone, but the stories and characters do interconnect.
This title was previously published, and has undergone significant changes that will impact the reader’s experience and perception of characters. Please read the Author’s Note for further details.

No Broken Promises – Chapter One

No Broken Promises by Rue Lennox – Chapter One.
Dear Parker…

I don’t know how to start this letter, or if I should even be writing you one. You just lost your husband, and I… lost one of my best friends. I don’t think any of us will know what’s the right thing to do. Not for a long time. What I know is that I can’t imagine the pain you must be feeling. Knowing Danny won’t be there for the birth of your son. Or his son’s first day of school. Or any of those things that you’ve dreamed of since you were a little girl.

I can’t make this right, and I know me writing to tell you that is practically useless.

But I’m here.

Release and Reviews and Trauma that Affects Everything

So, I need to tell you all a story of trauma and car accidents, so if that is triggering for you, please know that it's not an easy email to send. Right after I sent the email you everyone asking about reading chapter 2 of No Dirty Secrets, I was involved in a motor...

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