– about rue lennox –

Rue loves to torture her readers. She smiles while ripping out their hearts with her words. Then she finishes off the torment by holding their hearts in her hand with a straw punched through the top and a few pieces of fruit and a little umbrella while she plots new and inventive ways to make her readers love to hate her.

You know the stories Rue loves to write. The ones filled with heroes who make you swoon, anti-heroes who smile viciously as the world burns down around them, just as long as the woman they love stands at their side… Then there are the happily ever afters that bring you to your knees whether you want to be there or not.

If you can’t find Rue sitting in her office or on the deck staring at the trees, she might be found curled up in a blanket in the middle of the summer or hiding in plain sight in a bookstore while she enthusiastically chats up strangers like its her job.

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