never too late

Release Date: 3.28.23

Series: Birch Harbor: Damaged Heroes

Genres: Romantic Suspense

Tropes: Second Chance, Damaged heroine, Workplace Romance, Woman in Peril, Age gap, Police, Hero, Small Town, Found Family, Groveling

The only mistake I made was walking away instead of facing the man whose heart I broke.

I ran away from the life I wasn’t ready for, and in the process, lost everything I wanted.

I tried to move on and failed epically.

There’s no moving on from Jake Findlay.

Even if he thinks I have.

Now that I’m home, I’ve got to fight my own battles and prove that I’m all grown up.

Even if it means letting him in to break me all over again.


Specific Trigger Content

On the page – spicy sex scenes · alpha hero · arson/fire · forced proximity · age gap · emotional wounds · stalking · medical content · blood · miscarriage · car accident · violence including gunshots · death · pregnancy

Mentioned only – mental health · fertility issues

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