How are you doing this time of year?

If you need to vent, to have someone to talk to, or even just to share some happy news with – pound that reply button and let me know! I want to be that ear, that shoulder, that person to celebrate with you, because you’re all there for me!

Not everyone celebrates during the holiday season. From different cultures and religions, to personal feelings and events that have happened… there are hundreds of reasons why you may not be in the mode to be celebrating for this season. I just want to make sure that, if this is you, that you know it’s absolutely okay.

This year, I’ve been focussing on myself and what brings me happiness and peace. I’ve fully embraced this time as entering my Villain Era (for the fellow swifites out there) because I am finally able to accept that about myself.

I can be the bad guy in someone else’s story, as long as I am happy, in my own life and in my own circle. I want that for all of you. Every single person reading this newsletter – I wish you nothing at all but happiness and peace in your life for the next year. Focus on you. What makes you happy. What brings the calm to the storm that rages within your veins. Follow that peace. Follow that happiness, wherever it takes you in 2024 and all the years that follow.

Here’s a picture of me feeling free when I had my author photos taken last year. It’s this image that I look at when I’m needing to remind myself to embrace the change.
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