No Sweet Goodbyes is Now Available!

I have literally struggled (in my son’s words – who says literally WAY too much) to come up with the right words to express how I feel about this release. I love this universe, and every release brings us a little closer to the end of this chapter. Emma and Dom may be meant for each other, but their trauma is real.
Check out what readers have said so far…
I really fell in love with this one. Sobbed throughout, the whole story is filled with so much chaos that just fits perfectly.
It’s a rough ride for Emma and Dom, situations that force them to be in each other’s paths and moments that change everything.” – Leah on Goodreads
“My heart is in bits and the tears won’t stop
I loved this book, I think it’s my favourite so far (even though I wanted to slap Dom so hard for most of this book…)” – Escape to the Pages on Goodreads
“Damn, this hit so hard! Just when I think the series or re-writes can’t get any better, I am proved wrong. It was absolutely amazing.
I was absolutely stunned by Emma and Dom’s story.
The chemistry, the heart break, the HEA! It was everything!” – Kimberly on Goodreads
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