No Perfect Love is Now Available!

No Perfect Love is now available!
Why you will love this book:
🔥Opposites Attract
🔥He Falls First
🔥Hate to Love You
🔥Rushed to Love
🔥First Responders
🔥Complete Standalone 
I don’t want to fall for the town’s golden boy. I want to stay on my side of the street and keep him away from the life I’ve managed to build for myself.  
He’s everything I’m not. Professional athlete turned hero with a badge on his chest and a pair of cuffs on his hip. I’m a walking disaster, and he’s not afraid to point it out.  
So why does the hate between us feel like more? 
One at a time, the walls I’ve built to stay safe come crashing down until I’m barely able to decide if I want to punch him or tear his clothes off.  
When I’m thrown in over my head and all my secrets come to light—Carter is the only one who can save me… unless he’s too late. 

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